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HOPL-4 papers

Rafael Luque
Hi all,

Not strictly related with Pharo, but I think it could be interesting to any Smalltalker.

ACM has just published the History of Programming Languages 4. The papers cover the following languages: APL, C++, Closure, Fortran parallelism, D, Emacs Lisp, F#, Groovy, Hygienic Macros (Scheme), JavaScript, LabVIEW, Logo. MATLAB, Objective-C, Oz, R, ML, Verilog and Smalltalk.

The paper dedicated to Smalltalk is "The evolution of Smalltalk: from Smalltalk-72 through Squeak" by Dan Ingalls.

All the papers are available to download here: https://dl.acm.org/toc/pacmpl/2020/4/HOPL

Rafael Luque