Handling function keys in unix

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Handling function keys in unix

Guillermo Polito
So far, what I've learnt/found :).

1) I assume my build is using X11-display, since my keyboard events are generated there :P.

2) The X11 keyboard events are adapted to sq events in sqUnixX11.c >> x2sqKeyPlain

3) This build uses XLookupString, which brings char codes in Latin 1 instead of UTF-8.  But X11 seems to support UTF-8 :/.

4) When pressing a function key, XLookupString does not fill the buffer with chars...  and the KeySym is not handled.  I added a line like

    case XK_F1:     return  50;


Character class>>F1
    ^ self value: 50

to test, and It works :).  But I'm not sure which code is better to be returned yet :P.

5) My image now handles the F1, but only the keyDown and keyUp, since in sqUnixX11.c >> handleEvent I have something like:

if (ucs4) /* only generate a key char event if there's a code. */
        recordKeyboardEvent(keyCode, EventKeyChar, modifierState, ucs4);

6) I tried commenting the if, but that generates some garbage in my image when pressing Alt, Shift, Control...

So, some questions I have at this point:

- Which are the restrictions on the codes returned on translateCode (point 4) ? Are they ascii characters?  In the image I see the value is the keychar + the modifiers encoded
- Based on the prior question, Which codes should be assigned to function keys?
- I don't fully understand yet what a ucs4 code is, but the keysyms are translated to them in sqUnixX11.c >> xkeysym2ucs4 which looks pretty magical :).  Does someone know how this works?  The comments are not really helpful :(.

Guille, vming :)

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