Haver a Cuis based Smalltalk with Modules

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Haver a Cuis based Smalltalk with Modules

Hi all,

I am proud to announce the second alpha-release
of Haver, a Cuis based Smalltalk with extensive
support for Modules, including Browsers
for module-management.

No more name clashes!

You can find more about Haver at:


In addition to the Browsers it also
features a Wizard to automatically manage
exporting and importing classes form and into
other modules.

Haver is a complete distribution of Cuis
with all packages from the various
Cuis Smalltalk Repos at

Virtual Machines for Linux X86, Windows and
Raspberry OS are also included.
Of course the virtual machines include
Juan's awesome VectorEnginePlugin.

Many thanks to Juan Vuletich for providing
a simple and understandable Smalltalk

Please note: Haver is not a fork of Cuis,
it is an extension.

Have fun and Best Regards,

Gerald Klix
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