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Help with FFI

Christian Kellermann
Dear list!

I want to find my way around the FFI module and how to use it in squeak.
No let's step back. I want to use a a binding to libsodium form Tony
and ended up using the Crypto-Nacl-HernanMoralesDurand.13.mcz package
as the most recent one from Tony seemed to be Pharo's FFI syntax, as Tobias suggested to me.

However each of the supplied tests return a 'module not found error' on my
64 bit Linux Squeak 5.3+updates with the bundled VM.

So I tried the Unix examples there and none of those work either, so
before I dig deeper into this I'd like to get some kind of re-assurance
of what I should expect to work on this particular setup.

The FFI Tests from the bundled package all pass though.

So my questions are:

1. Are the Unix FFI examples supposed to work?
2. Is the Crypto-Nacl package I want to use recent enough for the FFI?
3. Is the documentation in swiki still up to date for squeak 5.3?
4. What's the logic for searching and loading the shared object to bind to
   and where do I have to look in the opensmalltalk-vm code?

Thanks for all your help!


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