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Hi and, of course, questions

Gerardo Richarte
Hi, I'm starting with Aida, just to see if for once I can learn to make
what should be a simple WebApp in less than a year :-)

I have some questions, comments, etc.

To start with, I want to see if I can do something in the lines of
www.netvibes.com, not all that complete and sophisticated, but at least
a place where people can come and reed a bunch of specialized feeds,  if
possible to click and see the quick view of the items in the same place
(as in netvibes) and have a cookie that somehow helps remembering what
s/he has read for the next time (no need to register as users).

I saw and started playing with the RSSReaderComponent, I think that's a
great starting point for what I want. A comment on this: I found that if
when you refresh the page it has to update from the source, and the
update fails (internet problem), a debugger pops up and the page never
finishes reloading. Is that the normal behavior for Aida or am I in some
sort of development mode where errors pop up a debugger instead of show
in the browser? Should it be safe to wrap the update mechanism of the
RSSReaderComponent in some sort of on:error: and skip updating if it
fails? should this be done somewhere else? (higher level)

What's the difference (conceptually) between a WebComponent and a
WebElement? (like, why the WebGrid is an Element and not a Component?)

Related to this, if I wanted to integrate some charts (like
http://www.amcharts.com/), what do you recommend I should create? (I did
this already for Seaside for some tests, I'd like to test it and see how
it would look like in Aida)

If I wanted to enrich what a system user is (like associated a whole set
of information to the user/session), where should I start?

I'm the sort of person who works a lot better with examples than
documentation, so, if you can point me to examples that'll be even
better than doc

in any case, I'll also keep trying myself, and come back with answers
and more questions

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