Hofstadter, "Strange Loops", agents

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Hofstadter, "Strange Loops", agents

Paul Sheldon-2
I started getting google information on Hofstadter looking at his  
book "I am a strange loop".

Evidently, I was one of the few people who got the point of Godel  
Escher Bach
on reading it in a whole year. I believe it relates self referential  
as opposed to hierarchichal
to understand the human conciousness.

Minsky had something about agents in a huge book I brought with me  
from library on waiting for iPhone.
Minsky had these different agendas in one brain getting behaviors out.
Going on the website of Hofstadter, I saw him interested in agents.

Agents are related to networks and game theory of "A Beautiful Math"  
beyond Von Neumann's zero sum game
into actual evolution of altruism through mixed strategy evolved  
against invasion. Nash has gone one step beyond social Darwinism and  
helps us imagine beneficent agents for change.

I'm imagining a list has a self-referential existence where  
individual agendas can manifest a harmonious "self".

This is what I would look for in croquet collaboration not mere  
harvesting by rival lurkers from rival organizations, not merely  
shoppers of something better.