How can a BVH avatar be loaded automatically?

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How can a BVH avatar be loaded automatically?

Hello, List!

The issue I'm struggling with is how to automatically load a BVH avatar during the creation of an island.  

In an earlier thread ("How to use 'croquet.props'" from October 15th) I was working through how to load a BVH avatar through the "croquet.props" file rather than through the CLoadMotionAvatarWindow route (i.e., user driven menu).

It turns out that, regardless of whether I use "croquet.props" or not, any attempt I make to automatically load a BVH avatar (e.g., via CroquetHarnessWithMenu>>initialize) ends up throwing the following error as seen in this debug trace excerpt:

MessageNotUnderstood: UndefinedObject>>whenResolved:

The Squeak debugger reveals that inside of TAvatarUserMotion>>preRenderMotions we have:

  motionPlayer := self costume future child: 4.
  motionPlayer whenResolved: [
  motionPlayer future preRenderMotions.

and "motionPlayer" ends up being nil because costume is nil.

I'm having a devil of a time figuring out what to do about this.  Does anyone have a working snipet of code or any insights regarding this issue?

Thanks much!