How to configure GS/S 6.1.2 through a firewall (blast from the past)

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How to configure GS/S 6.1.2 through a firewall (blast from the past)

Normand Mongeau-2



I’m trying to open up a firewall to let through an old app running on an old 6.1.2 GS/S server, and am having a hard time. Note that the server is running on a Windows XP box.


I configured netldi61 thus:


Netldi61 create /a /b /g /p: 11000:11050


And opened up ports 11000 to 11050 in my firewall, yet when I try to connect I get errors like this:


GS Server Error - GbsNetErrConnectionRefused - ["The connection to the Stone Repository monitor was refused:\n" errmsg.netErrConnectionRefused  Nonblocking connect(my IP Address,port=53695) failed to complete.]



The Netldi log reads like this, so the port range is in effect:


Summary of netldi parameters:

   The host name is "phatboy".

   GEMSTONE is: "C:\GemStone61".

   System password authorization is permitted.

   Clients are not authenticated.

   Process creation is permitted through user's HOME directory.

   Pool of ports is "11000:11050".

   Created processes belong to the account named "SYSTEM".

   The default directory for log files is 'C:\users\default\'.

Entering Service Loop


Gslist –x reports this, again indicating the port range should be in effect:



  status=  running

  type=    Netldi

  version= 6.1.2

  owner=   SYSTEM

  started= Feb 21 15:09

  pid=     5104

  port=    10088

  options=  -g -a SYSTEM -p 11000:11050

  logfile= C:/GemStone61/log/netldi61.log



Why is GS trying to reach port 53695?



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