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How to get started?

Volker Nitsch
I know some basic squeak for now and start reading about croquet.
Wandered tthrugh the Demos, they look nice.
Could not save with open worlds (on ubuntu). Means its throwaway
worlds, not very smalltalkish.
Googling turned up some advanced discussions, but, i am lost.

Next thing is about collaborating. My friends are on the internet, not
the lan. On my side i can bypass firewall/nat. I have a dyndns-url.
What have i to do to connect to us?

Third, i have an old box, 350mhz, 300mb, no 3d, which plays
fileserver, firewall and such. Is it possible to run a persistent
headless world there? Since the main machine all the time dualboots. I
found a thread where Andreas presents some code, but i do not
understand enough yet.
To me Andreas second example looks like i need to run a croquet-router
and a croquet-server with an island? Since it logs in somewhere. Would
like to do both in one image..

Best would be some readymade methods with that variable stuff as
arguments, one to run the server with an island, the other to connect
a client with the server-url.

Or how would Croqueteers handle this?


"Any problem in computer science can be solved with another layer of
indirection. But that usually will create another problem." David