I am seeing where Americo is going, wifi card repair slows me down?

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I am seeing where Americo is going, wifi card repair slows me down?

Paul Sheldon-2
I got gimp3 and blender to running by gaining intuitions on open source,

This was crucial to the DMU course from Americo as he next is going to teach
me how to make and build in my own virtual world.

I sadly had to let go of my laptop because I dropped it on its wifi card and
that must be operational for me to port between worlds. I didn't want to
my work images on two computers and don't quite have the nerve to run
from rsynced image because I've never done a two way backup with rsync
and have characteristically considered one computer the master.

Americo is explaining the abstraction of a mesh in :

he is saying it is recursively defined, basically.

The lines of code necessary to make a world appear are very short.

He's spec'd a few mods to get your own world to open affording a gateway.

I believe that python will have the scene understanding and this need not be
by ODE though the smalltalk community is interested in ODE as I wrote.

Perhaps our understanding can transcend considerations of which product
to buy into  not identifying with the product, but rather the pseudocode
of extended design phase.

Certainly, when Apple developes their frameworks and building blocks
of new operating systems they aren't blind to what the whole world is doing
considering seeing heresy. Sales folks may consider os x alternates heresy,
evangelists might do also, but on some level the big boys study each other.

Between different platforms, os's, ways of image understanding in drawing,
there are commonalities of language. When worlds tend to collide,
the terms defined are long word phrases. This is somewhat disgusting
in mathematics but also necessary for "unscoped brains".

Minsky's "Society of Mind" speaks of what I call "scoped brains" (started
this on line for iPhone, I should have turned a few pages into a microprint
with a scanner and print layout of pages on a page).

I can also now scan into pdf a few pages and e mail myself to read on the
not too heavy to hold on lines.

Even though singular data service isn't in Europe yet, wifi is
and carrying reading around in your pocket is very very exciting
(especially with coke bottle optics made of stacked toy binocular
There's expensive stuff of lower resolution sold in leads from sky mall
on American Airlines, but you can make your own with objective lenses of
The eyepieces are negative magnification so that expensive mirrors don't
get the optical throw. Toys have virtual optical throw.

Jacob mentioned waiting for Jaberwocky, but waiting for a release
is just one model of human behavior:

croquet lists blur this and the notion of user vs programmer a bit :

Americo doesn't "just talk", though that is good, he balances talk with
you exactly what to do. I find explicit instructions balance and give relief
to having to figure out things all alone. If you always take "one side",
follow instructions, you lose a feeling of abandonment, but you also
lose the capacity of individual expression and thinking.
If you always figure things out for yourself, you lose connection
with other people and their ideas.

Blurring might be balanced with alternating position :
am I cathedral or am I bazaar.

I'm kind of scared to look at Americo on my iPhone because I want
to do as well as read being told what to do, but I could see how that
comes out as I am not running for political office and am not afraid
to be inconsistant in things I try out.