I have a 3.9 VM and a few questions ...

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I have a 3.9 VM and a few questions ...

Raymer David-fdr017



Please find attached a text file that is a “logbook” of my experience this morning in terms of getting a Win32 3.9 VM build up and running.  


I followed the build how-to to the best of my ability, based on what I understood the instructions to be (mind you, I’ve got a bad case of newbie-filters going here).  I believe that some of my problems were caused by a misconfiguration of the paths in VMMaker, particularly the “Path to generated sources” when compared to my platform path and the file system structure in which I have been working.


My file system looks like:





Under each of the versioned directories I have









The deploy directory contains my images and the working version of the VM.  The contents of the platforms directory was establish via “svn co …” commands from the trunk, in this case v1444 as per a response in a prior thread from Tim R; the gist of which was make sure you start with matching VMMaker and source code.


I had the following path settings in VMMaker, based on my understanding of the how-to-build text files and a review of the mail archives as well as the answers to my recent questions.


Path to platforms code               :  c:\home\squeak\squeak-3.9\build\platforms

Path to generated sources          :  c:\home\squeak\squeak-3.9\build\platforms\win32\build\src


Thanks for you assistance to date and continuing patience as I come up to speed on the squeak vm.


Kind regards,


build-notes.txt (20K) Download Attachment