Iceberg and package renamings

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Iceberg and package renamings

Torsten Bergmann

usually when contributing I download a fresh Pharo 8 image (built by CI) using either Launcher or ZeroConf
and use the Iceberg "repair" functionality to connect to / checkout the existing local clone of the repo
with the Pharo 8 branch.
This way I usually easily come easily to the "up to date" state and can start own modifications.

But this time I used an older Pharo 8 image. So I pulled from upstream, pushed to my origin (forked git repo)
and updated an already existing image also using the "repair" functionality. The changes where assembled and loaded.
This way I also got into the "up to date" state for this image.

But as one of the last changes done was a package renaming of "ReleaseTest" into "Release-Tests"
this was reflected on the "src" folder on disk but not in the image itself.

So unfortunately
 - the git repo was already having a "Release-Tests" folder in synch with the upstream
 - the local "up to date" image stayed with the old "ReleaseTests" package name as it was updated and
   not freshly bootstrapped from Baselines
and with this out of synch.

See attached screenshot.

So I guess Iceberg's updating can not yet properly handle package renamings, maybe this is a known bug / not
yet implemented feature - or something that is not easy to fix due to the renaming.

Is this known? Could it be handled in the future?

Just want to mention this as this could be a source of further problems when contributors update
their image instead of using a new CI built one as they may hit such a renamed package.


releasetests.png (208K) Download Attachment