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[Idea] Last modified classes

Mariano Martinez Peck
Hi people. I am writing down all the ideas or thing I miss from others IDE that I have in mind.

Lots of times I have to jump from one class + method to another. Having various opened class browsers sometime is quite usefulness for me. There is a "feature" in some programs or IDE that are very nice for this. For example, in Eclipse with ctrl + F6, or in notepadd ++ with ctrl + shift. It is very difficult for me to explain how it works, even more in English, but I will try it:

You press a shortcut (suppose ctrl + F6) and it shows a morph with a list of the recent modified classes. This is vertical. I mean, one down the other. They are ordered depending when they were last used. The one is above is the last one recently modified. Then, every time you press ctrl + F6 again you go down with another class till you choose the one you want. And that's all. There, the class browsers, open the class you choose, with the cursor in the exact place you left it.

Sorry but is very difficult to explain it in words :(



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