Iliad and Pharo 6 then 7

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Iliad and Pharo 6 then 7


  just to let you know that I have commit a new version of
ILFileDirectory. It was broken since Pharo moved from FileDirectory to
  This is in Iliad-Pharo-Core. on Hernan Iliad
repo on SmalltalkHub.

  Before moving to make Iliad install and work on Pharo 7, I would like
to make a last configuration on smalltalkhub targeting Pharo 6 as we
never release the latest updates for it.

  As I am using Pharo and Iliad at work (not for production work but as
a productivity tool), I hope to get it work with Pharo 7 before March).

PS : double send just to have better visibility on!forum/iliad (I was fooled in my
previous message by the response header).


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