Impressions and new ideas from Barcelona

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Impressions and new ideas from Barcelona

Janko Mivšek
Dear all,

ESUG Barcelona was again a conference not to miss and I talked with
quite a few people about Aida. I can say that awareness of Aida is high,
everyone knows it (comparing to ESUG three or four years ago), but most
comments were about:

- comparison, what are strengths of Aida comparing to other web
  frameworks, for which tasks is good for, etc.
- more voice about Aida in community to enhance the "trust" in it and
  the community.

I also talked a lot with Nicolas Petton and Sebastien Audier, (well, we
travel together from Montpelier to Barcelona anyway :) and one of common
wishes is to work as much as possible together for both Aida and Iliad.
Nico's idea for instance is to harmonize web element hierarchy, there is
also a plan for Aida to adopt Iliad's JavaScript library.

I'm also thinking more and more to adopt Iliad's way of ajaxified
widgets and enhance them with automatic Comet. That is, if some domain
object changes and one or more widget are dependent on this object,
those widgets will be automatically refreshed, on all users browsers!
This way we'll come to the ideal Ajax/Comet integration, much more is
almost not possible to go!

There were also talks for an independent comparison of web frameworks to
be done and it seems that ths certainly not very easy project will start

And for the end, an Aida book idea is in air again! Hope we'll finish it
that time ... :)

Best regards

Janko Mivšek
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