Installation instructions for packages // central repository vs. list

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Installation instructions for packages // central repository vs. list

Hannes Hirzel
On 12/27/12, Angel Java Lopez <[hidden email]> wrote:
> My second suggestion was a list.
> If the package "is outside" the central repo, the instructions to
> read/install from Cuis should be at the other author repo. Then, he/she has
> the responsability to update the info, not the central repo author.

Yes, that would be fine

Something like the following code snippet for cypress

    ( )

"To install Cypress, assuming the package files are in 'cuis-cypress-master'
in a subdirectory of the working directory"

    [ :fileName | CodeFileBrowser installPackage:
                          (FileStream concreteStream
readOnlyFileNamed: fileName)

> The central repo author could resolve issues like "I have a new package for
> Cuis at ..., please at to your list", the n he can add to the
> link page.
> But having the central repo with the package (not a link), has an
> advantage: central repo could have tags. So, the packages at tag "v0.1.0"
> are all compatible with that tag, and every improvement at tag "v0.2.0"
> should be committed to that tag. The "master" tag is the development tag.
> So, I could download the v0.2.0 with all the optional packages of that
> version, without struggling going to each package author repo, and trying
> to guess what package/tag is compatible with Cuis v0.2.0
> Cons: it put more responsability to central repo author(s).
> On Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 8:01 AM, Germán Arduino <[hidden email]> wrote:
>> Yes, it's an option.
>> But I was thinking in something more simple, only a list with the link of
>> the repo :) and may be some code to read/install from Cuis (something as
>> we
>> did in the old times of SmallLand ... using a swiki (the only tool that
>> we
>> had in such times)).
>> Cheers.
>> Germán

At the moment we have a list


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