Installing 7.10.1 (CST13aPUL) on 10.9.4

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Installing 7.10.1 (CST13aPUL) on 10.9.4

Stephan Eggermont-3
While installing Cincom VisualWorks on a different Macintosh,
I decided to read and follow the installation guide. 
I downloaded the .iso and double-clicked that to mount it.
I found some improvement possibilities:

1 Install.pdf
  p 1-2 Support for Mac OS 10.8, 10.9 (and soon 10.10) is missing in both Aqua and X11

 2 p2-1 On my 10.9.4 iMac 11.1, double-clicking on installMacOSX.command doesn't work.
  The installer crashes. Doubleclicking autorun works.

3 When selecting Components to install, the selection can get confused.
  I deselected COM, then the one below it and on top of that COM was drawn.

4 The default directory that is selected where the installation options can be saved is the (read-only)
  mounted .iso. The dialog title is 'Open File' while it is saving a file. There is no possibility to
  create a folder. 


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