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My name is Norbert Hartl. I started doing professional work with internet technologies and open source 20 years ago. Next year it will be 10 years I do professional work with smalltalk. I first heard about squeak at the end of the 90ties. In the beginning of the 2000s my interests about smalltalk started to grow steadily. In 2005 some friends and me started to develop a social network platform for outdoor sports enthusiasts with squeak that was funded for quite some time.
Being an open source guy I only used squeak and I had reasons to be one of the first people joining sapphire development that is now called pharo. My fascination about smalltalk is ever growing since. At the moment I use gemstone, pharo and amber that opens quite a range of possibilities (being eager for the pharo kernel and native adaptions for another universe to be at my hands).
Since the beginning of my career I enjoy attracting people to things I like. Starting from the mid 90ies I introduced linux to a lot of companies and made it a valuable part in bigger IT departments. Nowadays I try to do the same with pharo.

Since two years now I’m working at 2denker. Most things we do are related to mobile platforms. We create mobile applications and supporting backends for customer needs. We are developing building blocks to enrich the user experience of mobile applications like device management, customer-to-client communication,  geo services and identity management.
A bigger part of our projects deal with mobility and car sharing. We are helping to develop a GSM management stack in smalltalk. Last but not least we are involved in research and prototyping in the area of disaster recovery management.

For mobile client development we use objective-C (iphone) and java (android) on the native side and we are trying to phase in amber to complete the portfolio on the web side. On the backend side we are already mostly smalltalk (gemstone and pharo) and a little node.js.


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