Is there some hidden caching in Aida?

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Is there some hidden caching in Aida?

Herbert König

right now I'm totally confused. Aida behaves as if it can deliver
components from a cache.

In the attached picture I clicked on the text marked with the arrow.
This updated the model and created the two Ajax requests in the
rectangle marked 1 and 2. These should update the two components
marked 1 (the whole line "aktuelle ...") and 2 (the WebGrid).

The reply to the first request correctly reflects the change in the
model. The reply to the second request shows the old state.

The reason for this is that the Smalltalk method creating that
component is not called.

So the question is: Where does the reply to the second request come
from? Some HTML cache in Aida? If so, how to avoid this?


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