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Annie Bruce
News Alert!

Fueled by the possibility of an upcoming merger, Wild Brush
Energy (WBRS) is gearing up for an explosion.  Tension is
building and soon the scramble to take a position will push
this one off the charts.

Wild Brush Energy
Symbol: WBRS
Current Price: $0.05
Short Term Target: $0.32
Long Term Target: $0.80

WBRS is engaged in some of the most lucrative gas regions in North
America.  Major discoveries are happening all the time and WBRS is in
the thick of it.

With the array of drilling projects Wild Brush has going on at the moment
tension is building.  As the drilling gets closer to completion insiders are
accumulating ahead of that major discovery announcement.

Finally the market is ready for explosion
Wednesday December 13 2006. will be a huge growth of WBRS at 1.00 am
Get ready to make some cash today!