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[JOB][Research] Postdoc position: IDEs

Marcus Denker-4
Infrastructure for new generation IDEs

About Inria and the job
Inria, with its academic, institutional and industrial partners, is commited to major research
and innovation projects in the field of computational sciences. The institute disseminates across
France thanks to its eight research centres.
The Inria Lille - Nord Europe research centre, inaugurated in 2008, employs 357 people, including
250 scientists, in its seventeen research teams. Recognised for its significant contribution to
the social and economic development of the Nord - Pas-de-Calais region, the Inria Lille - Nord
Europe research centre promotes a policy of close cooperation with major businesses and small
enterprises. By encouraging synergies between researchers and industrial partners, Inria contributes
to the transfer of skills and expertise in computational technologies and provides access to top-level
European and international research in order to support innovation and businesses, particularly
in the region of Lille.
Whether designing innovative software for business or logistics, modelling living cells or fusion
plasma, or developing medical simulators or interfaces to facilitate human-computer interaction,
our research opens up new possibilities that can revolutionise common practice and contribute to a
better understanding of the natural phenomena which surround us.

The goal of the RMoD research team at Inria Lille is to support re-modularization of object-oriented
applications. This objective is tackled from two complementary perspectives: reengineering and
modularity constructs for programming languages.
For more information on RMOD, see http://rmod.lille.inria.fr

The objectives will be to reconsider and develop a new infrastructure to build new and modern IDEs.
The goal of this postdoc is to help the RMOD team rethinking the infrastructure of Pharo from the
point of view of its user interface and interaction foundation as well as code navigation.

The following topics will be analysed and rethought :
- Alternate models of event handling
- Decomposing responsibilities of event handler and dispatchers.
- Alternative ways to navigate code
- Queries to access code elements
- Smart handling of coding contexts
- Management of window plague
- Support for contextual refactorings and automated code transformation.

Skills and profile
- English
- Pharo: http://www.pharo.org
- User interface design, Vector graphics
- IDE design and user interactions
- Possibility of French courses
- Help for housing
- Participation for transportation
- Scientific Resident card and help for husband/wife visa

Additional information
- Duration : 16 months
- Salary: 2 620,84 € gross/month
- Monthly salary after taxes : around 2 138 € (medical insurance included)    
- For the first selections, please apply before March 2013, 22nd.                          
- Before applying, please contact the scientist advisor: [hidden email]
- More information: http://rmod.lille.inria.fr/web/pier/blog/2013-02-22

Security and defense procedure
In the interests of protecting its scientific and technological assets, Inria is a restricted-access
establishment. Consequently, it follows special regulations for welcoming any person who wishes to
work with the institute.  The final acceptance of each candidate thus depends on applying this
security and defense procedure.

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