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[JOB] Young Engineer: Smalltalk VM related

Marcus Denker-4
2 year Young Engineer Position

INRIA RMoD is looking for a full-time young engineer for helping with developing our research infrastructure.
Young engineer means someone who finished with a degree (Master or Engineer) not longer than 2 years ago.

The engineer position is focussed on virtual machine related work. As researchers, we need a system to explore new
ideas with. The job of the engineer is to help us by improving the infrastructure we use for our daily work.

What this of course means is that it's kind of a cool job: work in a research lab, but no paper writing, no teaching,
no administration. In addition:

    - live in France (one hour from Paris, 1h20 from London, 35 min from Brussels)
    - try a lot of good beers (our office is just 10km from the border to Belgium)
    - french food
        - Smalltalk! (in the form of Pharo)

Lille is an active city but not expensive (lot of students...), centrally located with good connections
by train to everywhere (including CDG and Brussels airports).

The idea of the job is to strengthen RMoD with regard to virtual machine development and improve
our research infrastructure.
In research we are often faced with doing experiments that need VM changes. We want to be able
to make these changes as easy as possible so researchers can focus on trying out new ideas.

In particular we are working on an easy to understand and modify research virtual machine that is
implemented in Smalltalk. The goal here is not a fast production VM but instead infrastructure
that is easy to learn and extend for research experiments.

The job will include working on the research VM as well as helping with Pharo related VM level

        - extend and develop the research VM.
        - implement a simple GC in Smalltalk for this VM.
        - help with Pharo VM related development (build system, fixes, improvements)
        - improvement of the NativeBoost native code backend.

Therefore we are looking for a candidate with some prior experience with Smalltalk (Pharo/Squeak) and possibly
some background in implementation of dynamic languages.

        - Knowledge in Dynamic Languages, preferably Smalltalk
        - Compiler construction
        - Implementation of dynamic langauges (Virtual Machines)
        - Good knowledge in low-level programming (C, Asm)
        - English

Duration: 24 months
Starting date: 2012 October or later
Sallary: 2 527,74 euros brut / month
Location: Lille (no remote job possible)
        - degree (Master or Engineering, 5 years)
        - need to have finished the degree max 2 years ago.

More about
       INRIA RMOD: http://rmod.lille.inria.fr
       INRIA Lille: http://www.inria.fr/lille/
       INRIA in General: http://www.inria.fr
       Engineers at INRIA: http://www.inria.fr/travailler/metiers/accompagnement/dev_applications.en.html
       Lille: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lille

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Link to this offer: http://rmod.lille.inria.fr/web/pier/blog/2012-04-18
More RMoD Jobs: http://rmod.lille.inria.fr/web/pier/Jobs

Marcus Denker -- http://marcusdenker.de