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Just a thought :)

Stéphane Ducasse
Hi guys

in the train friday I read event code during a couple of hours... and I came to the conclusion I want to rewrite part of them :).
Now the real interested part of this email is the following: 2 years ago event handling was looking mysterious to me, why? because I never
needed to understand that part. Now I started to read, build hypothesis, read again, break the system and I get an understanding to the point
I can say ok I want them better.
So the lesson in there: this is cool, at the beginning you are not an expert, you just learn a little bit here and here and you consolidate, and you
understand more and more. Sound stupid and naive story but this is a cool one.

I like to read the code of the system just because I learn a lot. So I hope that this is a good and positive message for you.
Step back and realize that you have learned a lot and that you can learn a lot more.
And in the process fix the system to make it better and easier to be understood.

Magic no?