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Katharine Sutton
We have brought you winner after winner this year and things are only
getting better!

The XXI century house is one in which broadband is available in every
room.  Video streams to wherever you choose to watch it.  Home
appliances are seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive network.  
This is already a reality for the wealthy, and is just now becoming a booming
business as it spreads to the middle class house.  Our next feature makes
this all possible, and is bringing it to the world!
Advanced Powerline Technologies

Price:           0.083
Short Term Target:   0.27
Long Term Target:   1.10

An incredible announcement is expected out of the company very soon.  
This will be backed up by a PR blitz and I'm sure you can guess what will
happen to the price of this share!
Tech companies blast off on news like this.  Get in before this one takes
off and ride it all the way to the bank!
JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Palestinian militants in Gaza launched rocket attacks into Israel on Sunday, Israeli police and army officials said, hours after a cease-fire in Gaza was agreed upon by the Israeli government and Palestinian factions.
WASHINGTON (AP) -- David Hanson's robots can creep people out.Their heads are so lifelike, their skin so textured and realistic, that Candy Sidner, a competing roboticist, called his Albert Einstein robot "spookily cool ... a giant step forward."
BROOKFIELD, Illinois (AP) -- The birth of an okapi -- an endangered African animal that looks a little bit zebra, a little bit giraffe -- was announced this week by the local zoo.
(Time.comexternal link) -- It would be a lot easier to enjoy your life if there weren't so many things trying to kill you every day.