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LGPL discussion on Squeak list

Bruce Badger-3

There is a thread of discussion underway on the Squeak dev list which I
started because Swazoo is currently listed in the Squeak source
repository as being under the MIT license, where correctly it should be
listed under the LGPL.

It seems that some people have even started using Squeak under the
mistaken belief that it is under the MIT license and are quite upset now
that I have pointed out the error.

I initially thought that the listing in Squeak was just a mistake and
fixing it would be easy, but it has been suggested that some moves have
been made to change Swazoo and adopt the MIT license, and that the
listing of Swazoo under MIT was deliberate.

Is anyone here aware of anyone proposing to change the license for
Swazoo from the LGPL?

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