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Launching an external Java (ick!) program

Julian Ford-2
Hi there....

I am adding a new feature to my software, to allow it to interface with the Nova Scotia
provincial health care system.  Unfortunately, in that province, they do not publish their
web service I must use their client program, with command line parameters,
to submit files.

The problem appears to be that I cannot seem to launch their program from within
VAST.  I have my own ProgramLauncher, and I also tried AbtProgramStarter,
but cannot get it to run the program. 

I even tried creating a batch file, that includes the correct information.
I can run that batch file successfully by double-clicking on it, but when I try
to run it from VAST, I get back a TRUE, but nothing actually happens.

Here is the command line:

java -jar msielink.jar outFile.req inFile.rsp /fd -i msilink.ini -p somePassword

The msielink.jar file, outFile, inFile, and msilink.ini files all live in a folder.
So when I run my program starter, I try to run "c:\myFolder\java" in that folder,
with "-jar msielink.jar outFile.req inFile.rsp /fd -i msilink.ini -p somePassword"
as the parameters.

I have used my program launcher and AbtProgramStarter numerous times
with no issues. But I am obviously missing something this time.

Now....running a java program might have issues, since I am not specifying it's installation
folder.  Which is why I then tried putting that whole command line in a batch file, and
running just the batch file (c:\myFolder\startProgram.bat), with no parameters.
I get back a True....but nothing happens.

Has anyone tried something like this before?  Am I just missing something dumb?

Thanks in advance for any responses....

Julian Ford

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