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Leelu Glan
Winner after Winner!  That's what we Bring to our Readers!

What happens when that perfect small cap issue releases astounding news
and gets a massive PR campaign behind it?  It Takes Off!!!

Irwin Resources (IWRS)
Last      $0.50
Target  $1.50

Do not miss this one.  These small caps Really Fly when people take
notice, and Believe us they are going to take notice this Wednesday!

> Multiple, multiple upgrades that don't do anything.  
A set of symptoms in which a huge swap file is exhausted is to take a real close look at memory leaks.  
I did not say Mike Sexton owned the site.
Memory leaks that might be caused by running larger tournaments.  
> Why?  Why I ask?  Do you ask why?  
I hinted an earlier post that something might be very wrong with the software running larger tournaments.  
I realize he doesn't write the software.  
> Finally to top it all off, your marque event is a total washout after several hours of torture for the players.  
> Hey Mike,  
Especially if the tune is repetitive as is the case with.  
My suggestion is to run a test major tournament using BOTS and SUT.  
(System under test) before trying that in the field.