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LineEndAuto with EncodedStream

Alexander Lazarevic'

most likely I'm missing something here, but automatic lineend detection
does not work for me with encoded streams and I can't see how it ever will.

Just take a text that has CRLF as lineend markers and is saved in
Unicode (UCS-2) encoding. I used the following code to read lines from
such a file in VW:

encodedStream := ('file.txt' asFilename withEncoding: #'UCS-2')
                        readStream lineEndAuto.
encodedStream lineEndConvention. "Evaluates to 3 = LineEndCR"
first := encodedStream upTo: Character cr.
second := encodedStream upTo: Character cr.

The second line starts with a LF (16r0a), because lineEndAuto did fail
to predict the lineend convention used in that file. But how come? It
seems, that in EncodedStream>>lineEndConvention:,
contentsLineEndConvention is used with the unencoded plain bytereading
stream on a twobyte encoded file to look for lineend markers. I guess
this never will work in the case of UCS-2 (or any other >1 byte encoding)?