Lint checks & automated clean-up of unnecessary code.

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Lint checks & automated clean-up of unnecessary code.

Paul DeBruicker
Hi -

Is there some place I could read about how automate the fixing of
various lint checks?

In a package I've written I have some sloppy parts left over from trying
things, then trying other things, then finally settling on another
approach entirely.  For instance I have 84 instances of "Temporary
variables read AND written" (RBOnlyReadOrWrittenTemporaryRule).  I have
300+ methods that are implemented but not sent
(RBImplementedNotSentRule), 10 un-referenced classes
(RBClassNotReferencedRule), etc.....

I could definitely go through and delete the temp variables by hand but
am hopeful that I could just nuke them all at once, then run my tests
and see what, if anything, needs replacing/repairing.

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.