Lively Kernel core release 2.1.3

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Lively Kernel core release 2.1.3

Robert Krahn-4
We just published a new Lively Kernel core version (2.1.3). You can find it in the core repository. For core releases we also update the Webwerkstatt ("core link"), so the Webwerkstatt sources are up-to-date as well.

For a list of changes see the change log.

We are currently still working on a non-Apache local installation that will give you a lightweight option to install LivelyKernel core locally. If you would like to try out what already works, enter and execute the following commands in a terminal (this currently works only on Unix systems):

npm install -g livelykernel-scripts
lk workspace --checkout-lk
echo "Lively Kernel core is now installed in `lk scripts-dir`/workspace/lk/"

The output of the last command is where the local repository is located. You can now start a minimal server with

lk server

You can the run the tests with lk test or visit a very empty world at http://localhost:9001/blank.xhtml.

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