Looking for real-world Magma application

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Looking for real-world Magma application

Igor Stasenko
Hello all,
sorry for cross-posting. :)

I'd like to ask you, if anyone could share either an image or
installation with application,
which using Magma OODB.
I'd like to use it & test how changing different aspects of Magma
internals could affect the performance.

There's many tricks, which is known by Chris how to speed it up by
cleverly fine-tuning various Magma options,
like read strategy etc.
But what i'd like is to see, is some setup, used by people, and by
taking it, see how it could make run faster,
without changing an application code.

I remember, someone gave a talk @ ESUG, that they were using Magma for
their application,
but then forced to switch to another DB layer, because they had bad
performance issues.
It would be good, if you could give me the code, so i can run it and
see if things could be improved.
Its not a problem, if code is not open-source, we could sign an NDA,
if this is necessary.

I need something real, simply because benchmarks sometimes not
representative. :)

Best regards,
Igor Stasenko AKA sig.
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