MPLR 2020 Call for Participation

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MPLR 2020 Call for Participation

Juan Fumero

                        Call for Participation

              MPLR 2020 - 17th International Conference

              on Managed Programming Languages & Runtimes

                          November 4-5, 2020


                          Follow us @MPLR_Conf


The 17th International Conference on Managed Programming Languages &

Runtimes (MPLR, formerly ManLang) is a premier forum for presenting and

discussing novel results in all aspects of managed programming languages

and runtime systems, which serve as building blocks for some of the most

important computing systems in use, ranging from small-scale (embedded and

real-time systems) to large-scale (cloud-computing and big-data platforms)

and anything in between (desktop, mobile, IoT, and wearable applications).

This year, MPLR will be held virtually. Registration and participation will

be free:

For up-to-date details, check out the conference website: and follow us on Twitter @MPLR_Conf.

# Keynotes

Garbage Collection: Implementation, Innovation, Performance and Security

Steve Blackburn, Australian National University

Hardware Support for Managed Languages: An Old Idea Whose Time Has Finally Come?

Martin Maas, Google

# Accepted Papers

From Causality to Stability: Understanding and Reducing Meta-Data in CRDTs

Jim Bauwens and Elisa Gonzalez Boix

Multi-language Dynamic Taint Analysis in a Polyglot Virtual Machine

Jacob Kreindl, Daniele Bonetta, Lukas Stadler, David Leopoldseder, and Hanspeter Mössenböck

Efficient, Near Complete, and Often Sound Hybrid Dynamic Data Race Prediction

Martin Sulzmann, and Kai Stadtmüller

Efficient Dispatch of Multi-object Polymorphic Call Sites in Contextual Role-Oriented Programming Languages

Lars Schütze and Jeronimo Castrillon

SymJEx: Symbolic Execution on the GraalVM

Sebastian Kloibhofer, Thomas Pointhuber, Maximilian Heisinger, Hanspeter Mössenböck, Lukas Stadler, and David Leopoldseder

Transparent Acceleration of Java-Based Deep Learning Engines

Athanasios Stratikopoulos, Mihai-Cristian Olteanu, Ian Vaughan, Zoran Sevarac, Nikos Foutris, Juan Fumero and Christos Kotselidis

You Can’t Hide You Can’t Run: A Performance Assessment of Managed Applications on a NUMA Machine

Orion Papadakis, Foivos S. Zakkak, Nikos Foutris, and Christos Kotselidis

trcview: Interactive Architecture Agnostic Execution Trace Analysis

Daniel Pekarek and Hanspeter Mössenböck

# Participation

To participate please register here:

The talks will be streamed on Zoom.

Questions will be taken from the discussions on Slack.

We are looking forward to meeting you at MPLR 2020!

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