MacOS Saving and Loading Images

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MacOS Saving and Loading Images

Hello all,

Looking for some general advice about where the Squeak VM "looks" for images when it boots up in MacOS. In Linux, if I simply rename my default image, I will get a native file selector on boot asking me which image I want to load, and it points to the default Squeak directory. I like this behavior because I work with many different images. But on OSX, it seems this doesn't work the same since the images are stored in the application bundle. Instead, if I rename the default image, the file selector asks me to load images from the Documents folder.

So I have a few questions:
- Is there a setting somewhere for pointing to a "correct" default image?
- Is there a setting for pointing to a specific directory to look for images when no default is found?
- Is there some way to "Save as..." an image outside of the application bundle?
- What strategies to others use here for managing multiple images in OSX?