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Chris Muller
I just posted some fixes to 1.0.

I'm going to hold off on posting a new 1.1.  I'd like
to reiterate that 1.1 is still "in a state of flux" as
I review and improve the security.  Feel free to look
at it for an overall idea of what it will be, but I
would hold off migrating to it because a new one will
be posted pretty soon.


- refreshPersistentObjectsEvenWhenChangedOnlyByMe now
works consistently with MagmaCollections.  When false,
all large-collection changes are kept through a begin
or abort.  There now is no public API for "canceling"
large-collection changes other than setting
refreshPersistentObjectsEvenWhenChangedOnlyByMe: true,
and then aborting.
- MutatingProxy fix.
- Some how lost this change introduced in version 44.
I restored it:
        "- To support a significant performance improvement,
all MagmaCollectionIndexes must have their recordSize
set to a power of two.  Thanks Andrew Gaylard!"