MagmaUpgrader missing methods?

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MagmaUpgrader missing methods?


I've installed Magma in Pharo 1.3 OneClick following instructions here:, i.e. applied patch Pharo-1.3-patches-for-Magma.cs.gz and doIt to the script

I tried to upgrade my databases from version 12 to 16, but there is no MagmaUpdater #compressTo: or #source: methods as described in a previous mail in this list. Instead I've found this way:

( MagmaUpgrader location: 'd:\Smalltalk\Projects\Browsers\MagmaBrowser\MBTest7\') upgrade

but it is failing again

    Receiver: a MagmaUpgrader
    Arguments and temporary variables:

    Receiver's instance variables:
        location:     'd:\Smalltalk\Projects\Browsers\MagmaBrowser\MBTest7\'
        definition:     nil
        session:     nil

    Receiver: a MagmaUpgrader
    Arguments and temporary variables:


do I need to install an additional package or there is an alternative way to upgrade?


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