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Magritte updates

Stephan Eggermont-3
Name: ConfigurationOfMagritte3-StephanEggermont.118
Author: StephanEggermont
Time: 10 October 2015, 9:09:24.252164 pm
UUID: 5d39ab33-c062-4754-ad55-4feb4b59199d
Ancestors: ConfigurationOfMagritte3-StephanEggermont.117

Update Grease to stable version #'release1.2' is version 3.5.0

Name: ConfigurationOfMagritte3-StephanEggermont.117
Author: StephanEggermont
Time: 10 October 2015, 5:56:07.098168 pm
UUID: e61105b7-4521-4428-9881-795f10251beb
Ancestors: ConfigurationOfMagritte3-SeanDeNigris.116

In place change:  block with MagritteGlamourForPharo40 only for Pharo 4.

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