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Manuscript (Case [Issue]20061) Tools - What classes highlight in the browser

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Denis Kudryashov reopened Case 20061: What classes highlight in the browser and assigned it to Everyone:
Enhancement in Project:  Tools: 1. Pharo Image  •  You are subscribed to this case
It was reverted with
From Guille:
"leads to a lot of false positives.

A class is abstract by design, not by implementation. This should probably be replaced by something like #isFullyImplemented"

So I reopen this issue with new title.

Original reason for the change was highlighting all abstract classes in the browser by computing what classes are abstract.

Now the question is what we actually want highlight? Abstract classes only or unimplemented classes too?
Project changed:
Kernel  changed to  Tools

Title changed:
Explicit isAbstract is needed instead of using hasAbstractMethods in tools  changed to  What classes highlight in the browser

Status changed:
Resolved (Fix Integrated)  changed to  Work Needed

Assigned To changed:
CLOSED  changed to  Everyone

Priority Priority: 5 – Fix If Time Status Status: Work Needed
Assigned To Assigned to: Everyone Milestone Milestone: Pharo7.0

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