Manuscript (Case [Issue]20237) UI - Cursor webLink returnes wrong form

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Manuscript (Case [Issue]20237) UI - Cursor webLink returnes wrong form

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Ulysse The Galactic Monkey From Outer Space resolved Case 20237: Cursor webLink returnes wrong form and assigned it to Denis Kudryashov:
Bug in Project:  UI: 1. Pharo Image  •  You are subscribed to this case
Pharo is moving fast: We release a new major version every year, with many, many changes. Issue tracker entries tend to get stale after a new release. Bugs are fixed, subsystems replaced or removed. After seeing many out-dated, very old issues staying around forever, we have adopted the following policy: - Issues that do not see ​*any*​ activity are closed autmatically after one year of inactivity. - This is done by a completely automated job which closes up to 5 issues per day older than one year. The issue can (and should!) be re-opened if it is still relavant in the current development version!
Status changed:
Work Needed  changed to  Stale (Timeout)

Assigned To changed:
Everyone  changed to  Denis Kudryashov

Priority Priority: 5 – Fix If Time Status Status: Stale (Timeout)
Assigned To Assigned to: Denis Kudryashov Milestone Milestone: Pharo7.0

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