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Manuscript (Case [Issue]20835) UI - Add World > Tools > Reset FFI

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> This is very special. I never had the need to use it.

Do you mean that when you were interfacing to a new FFI library, you never typed the path wrong?
So you've not suffered the confusion of correcting the path and the method call still failing.
Its *very* misleading and confidence draining for someone learning FFI when they presume they are working in a live system but correcting the path to the library has no effect, so they presume they are doing something else wrong they don't understand. Restarting the image to fix it is *very* no intuitive and I only stumbled on it by accident side effect of turning off my computer overnight.

> We also do not put
> "CatalogProvider default reset"

So how many people would have a clue how to do that if the Catalog ever screws up because of a network error? (I've had the happen more than once and thrown away an Image to fix it)

> and many other reset expressions as shortcuts into the tool menu. Because if we would do
there would be too many ;)

Fair point, but on menu item Reset with a lot of sub items would fix that.
Prhaps a better place would be under the System menu?

> So can we close this as INVALID request for the standard image?

I'm open to being convinced. But I'd like some consideration of the fact that the Pharo works with an Image is obviously *very* stateful. So how does a user reset important system state without throwing away an Image and startign with a fresh one.

> You can always have it in your custom image or you can use "QuickAccess" or "ScriptManager"
from catalog.

This does not help others who new to using FFI. Although the other way to address this would be if updating the library path worked without having to close and reopen the Image.
Priority Priority: 5 – Fix If Time Status Status: Work Needed
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