Manuscript (Case [Issue]20957) Sources and Changes - Epicea should not depends on Nautilus package

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Manuscript (Case [Issue]20957) Sources and Changes - Epicea should not depends on Nautilus package

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Denis Kudryashov opened Case 20957: Epicea should not depends on Nautilus package and assigned it to Martin Dias:
Cleanup in Project:  Sources and Changes: 1. Pharo Image  •  You are subscribed to this case
To be able remove Nautilus we should fix Epic dependency. It is single method:
EpLogBrowserOperationFactory>>applyRBRefactoring: aRBRefactoring

trigger: [
self handleErrorDuring: [
| aNautilusUI |
aNautilusUI := NautilusUI on: Nautilus new.
(NautilusRefactoring model: aNautilusUI) performRefactoring: aRBRefactoring ]]
with: self newApplyEvent

If you look at uses of NautilusRefactoring you will see that they pass self or kind of context as model.
So here we should also pass something like EpRefactoringContext which will provide some stub methods.

Martin, I am not sure how to test such change. Maybe you can give me advice or just fix it by yourself if it is not difficult.

Also I am not sure that this operation is really works. Does it? If not then maybe it is easy to just remove it and implement it differently in future.
Priority Priority: 5 – Fix If Time Status Status: Work Needed
Assigned To Assigned to: Martin Dias Milestone Milestone: Pharo7.0

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