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Manuscript (Case [Issue]21703) _Inbox - DNU #setConverterForCode

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Sven Van Caekenberghe edited Case 21703: DNU #setConverterForCode:
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I know that on Windows some tools always write a Unicode BOM with a simple text file.

So any code reading such a file should accept that. This is now already the case with the Zn encoders.

On a modern system, like macOS or Linux, that BOM is not written by default. Still, today everybody assumes by default UTF-8 and that is how it should be.

I would not write out a BOM by default on all platforms (maybe on Windows, I don't know for sure) - that would be too ugly (and basically unnecessary).

I also don't think we should do something special to support MacRoman (as in detect it by default) and automagically handle that weird old format (mind you I have been a Mac user for decades).

Anyway, that is my first reaction, I am open to discussions.
Priority Priority: 5 – Fix If Time Status Status: Resolved (Fix Review Needed)
Assigned To Assigned to: hilaire Milestone Milestone: Pharo7.0

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