Manuscript (Case [Issue]22137) Graphics - GIFReadWriter Refactoring and Animated Images

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Manuscript (Case [Issue]22137) Graphics - GIFReadWriter Refactoring and Animated Images

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Hi Sven,

To your last comment: I'm making all efforts to preserve the existing messages etc. So this should behave exactly as before to the outside world.

As for the separate LZW stuff, I have a decoder that works. I'm working on the encoder, which will be more or less a copy of the encoding functions in the current GIFReadWriter (too hard to tell what's going on!). I think this will be easier for people to understand going forward, but can revert all of that if you think it would be better.

There are not too many tests for GIFs at the moment and I was planning on adding some.
Priority Priority: 4 – Would be nice Status Status: Working On
Assigned To Assigned to: Eric Gade Milestone Milestone: Pharo7.0

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