Manuscript (Case [Issue]22649) Kernel - stillness

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Manuscript (Case [Issue]22649) Kernel - stillness

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vonbecmann opened Case 22649: stillness and assigned it to Everyone:
Bug in Project:  Kernel: 1. Pharo Image  •  You are subscribed to this case
Pharo image: Pharo7.0.0rc1#71373
Virtual machine used: CoInterpreter VMMaker.oscog-eem.2401 uuid: 29232e0e-c9e3-41d8-ae75-519db862e02c Jun 28 2018
StackToRegisterMappingCogit VMMaker.oscog-eem.2401 uuid: 29232e0e-c9e3-41d8-ae75-519db862e02c Jun 28 2018
VM: 201806281256 Date: Thu Jun 28 14:56:30 2018 CommitHash: a8a1dc1 Plugins: 201806281256

Platform Name: unix
Class browser used (if applicable): ClyFullBrowser

Steps to reproduce:
#. World>>Pharo>>Settings
#. System>>Delay Scheduler
#. click on DelaySpinScheduler
#. World>>Tools>>System Browser
#. click on AST-Core
#. click on NumberParser
#. click on allowPlusSign

Actual Result:
#. stillness

Expected Result:
#. see allowPlusSign's implementation
Priority Priority: 5 – Fix If Time Status Status: Work Needed
Assigned To Assigned to: Everyone Milestone Milestone: Pharo7.0

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