Manuscript (Case [Issue]22743) Crosscutting and Misc - GT inspector extension for collections gives error when double clicked

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Manuscript (Case [Issue]22743) Crosscutting and Misc - GT inspector extension for collections gives error when double clicked

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Bug in Project:  Crosscutting and Misc: 1. Pharo Image  •  You are subscribed to this case
[ :result |
showOnly: 50;
helpMessage: 'Quick selection field. Given your INPUT, it executes: self select: [:each | INPUT ]'."
result isNil
ifTrue: [ nil ]
ifFalse: [ result size = 1
ifTrue: [ result anyOne ]
ifFalse: [ self species withAll: result ] ] ] in Array(SequenceableCollection)>>gtInspectorItemsIn: in Block: [ :result | ...
[ :ann |
tableModel glamourPresentation
strongSelection: ann strongSelectionValue ] in GLMMorphicFastTableRenderer(GLMMorphicFTRenderer)>>initializeAnnouncementForDataSource in Block: [ :ann | ...
[ action cull: anAnnouncement cull: announcer ] in AnnouncementSubscription>>deliver: in Block: [ action cull: anAnnouncement cull: announcer ]
[ Processor terminateActive ] in [ :ex |
| copy onDoCtx process handler bottom thisCtx |
onDoCtx := thisContext.
thisCtx := onDoCtx home.

"find the context on stack for which this method's is sender"
[ onDoCtx sender == thisCtx ]
whileFalse: [ onDoCtx := onDoCtx sender.
ifNil: [ "Can't find our home context. seems like we're already forked
and handling another exception in new thread. In this case, just pass it through handler." ^ handlerAction cull: ex ] ].
bottom := [ Processor terminateActive ] asContext.
onDoCtx privSender: bottom.
handler := [ handlerAction cull: ex ] asContext.
handler privSender: thisContext sender.
(Process forContext: handler priority: Processor activePriority)

"cut the stack of current process"
thisContext privSender: thisCtx.
nil ] in BlockClosure>>on:fork: in Block: [ Processor terminateActive ]
Priority Priority: 3 – Must Fix Status Status: Work Needed
Assigned To Assigned to: Everyone Milestone Milestone: Pharo7.0

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