Manuscript (Case [Issue]22886) Zinc - Zinc should allow custom server string

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Manuscript (Case [Issue]22886) Zinc - Zinc should allow custom server string

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Sven Van Caekenberghe resolved Case 22886: Zinc should allow custom server string and assigned it to Torsten Bergmann:
Enhancement in Project:  Zinc: 1. Pharo Image  •  You are subscribed to this case
I understand the issue, but I do not agree with the fact that this is a must fix bug for Pharo 7, far from it.

It is relatively easy to overwrite the default Server header on a per server instance granularity today. And that is what you want, not a global default. Consider:

ZnServer startDefaultOn: 8080.

ZnServer default delegate in: [ :delegate |
ZnServer default delegate: (ZnValueDelegate with: [ :request | | response |
response := delegate handleRequest: request.
response headers at: #Server put: 'Google'.
response ]) ].

(ZnClient new get: ZnServer default localUrl; response) headers at: #Server.

The above wraps any existing delegate, lets the original delegate do its work, and then modifies the response.

I also think very few people will ever need to make this change. Like you said, it is part of production hardening.

For me, Enhancement, Would be nice, Pharo 8
Category changed:
Bug  changed to  Enhancement

Milestone changed:
Pharo7.0  changed to  Pharo8.0

Priority changed:
3 – Must Fix  changed to  4 – Would be nice

Priority Priority: 4 – Would be nice Status Status: Resolved (Fix Review Needed)
Assigned To Assigned to: Torsten Bergmann Milestone Milestone: Pharo8.0

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