Manuscript (Case [Issue]22886) Zinc - Zinc should allow custom server string

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Manuscript (Case [Issue]22886) Zinc - Zinc should allow custom server string

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Enhancement in Project:  Zinc: 1. Pharo Image  •  You are subscribed to this case
I brought this topic up two times and several months back (if you remember our mailinglist discussions) - without any further clarification or fix. Zinc was moved very late to git and
the management of the external packages remained a mystery box up to today... on that one
is one of the few things I really require for my own Pharo future. Do not know if the workaround is easily possible for Seaside and Teapot/Tealight. But anything is changeable - even when not clean as wished.

Sometimes I think I cared too much on P7 cleaning with over 760 PR's than on bringing in what I require for my own Pharo future. I should have been more persistent.

Sad - but I follow the rules.
Priority Priority: 4 – Would be nice Status Status: Resolved (Fix Review Needed)
Assigned To Assigned to: Torsten Bergmann Milestone Milestone: Pharo8.0

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