May I recommend this video on education

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May I recommend this video on education

Carlos Rabassa
I found this 23-minute video to be excellent. It is in English with good Spanish subtitles. The speaker is a professor at Columbia University.  The lecture is up to date,  it took place yesterday.

To watch the video you have to register at the site from the University of Buenos Aires,  by following this link.  You will reach a page where you will see a red button to clic "Inscribirse Ahora".  Once you complete the registration,  please return to the same page and click on "Con Expertos".  At this new page click on "Jueves 8".  Finally,  select the lecture by Frank A. Moretti,  of Columbia University.  Registration is free.  They donĀ“t ask any intrusive questions.

Prof.  Moretti explains very clearly many of the problems we heard about since we became interested in Plan Ceibal / OLPC,  a few years ago.  He offers his very much interesting ideas on how to take advantage of the new technologies to improve education.

Enjoy the video!

Carlos Rabassa
Montevideo,  Uruguay

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