Mentor for GSoC project: Croquet IRC bridge

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Mentor for GSoC project: Croquet IRC bridge

Tapple Gao
Hi. I proposed and volunteered to mentor a Croquet-IRC bridge
project [1] for Google Summer of Code 2008 [2]. I don't have
much, if any experience writing code for croquet, and I've made
this clear to the one applicant I've had so far, but we both
really want to make it work regardless.

However, I would appreciate some help here, even if you
aren't a master croquet coder yourself. If you want to help
mentor the project, join the Squeak Soc mailing list [3], and
say so. I've asked a few people I know on the #croquet IRC
channel, and now I'm asking here. I think either one mentor who
really knew their stuff, or 2-3 mentors who didn't but were
willing to learn by teaching would be just fine.

You could also be an unofficial mentor by just hanging out on
the #croquet IRC channel on Freenode.


Matthew Fulmer --