Metacello Scripting API draft available

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Metacello Scripting API draft available

Dale Henrichs
I've got draft documentation written for the primary scripting API commands[1] and would appreciate some feedback.

I'm going to go heads down (since I've already been heads down on Metacello, should I say "heads downer") and finish up implementation of the 8 primary commands (load is the only functional command at the moment):


Once I've finished with the initial implementation, I'll make a preview release and solicit volunteers to start using the api in their day-to-day work to, of course, flush out bugs, but mainly to help prove/improve the api.

Specifically I am looking for feedback on the upgrade/downgrade/lock/unlock commands as they introduce new concepts for Metacello and I need to hone my message for their use.

I've just about doubled the number of test cases for Metacello in working on the scripting api and thanks to TravisCi[2], you'll be able to tell at a glance[3] the current status of the preview for Squeak-4.3, Pharo-1.3 and Pharo-1.4.

I will accept pull requests on github for documentation improvements or submit an issue[4] with your comments or send mail to this list.

Thanks for your time,