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Metacello docs and version to use

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Hi there.

I have some questions about Metacello ...

I am trying to load a few projects into a fresh GemStone 3.4 (the
shipped seaside extent) using the Metacello scripting API.

I follow the docs for Metacello here:

Are those the correct docs to follow, given the version of Metacello in
GS 3.4?

I've checked with:

   (Metacello image
     configuration: [:spec | true ];
     list) collect: [ :p| p version printString ]

Which gives amongst others:

   >=1.0-beta.32 [ConfigurationOfMetacello]

Partly why I wonder is that if I do, eg:

   Metacello new
     configuration: 'Magritte3';
     version: '3.5.1';
     repository: '';
     onConflictUseIncoming: #('BaselineOfGrease') useLoaded: #();
     load. complains that a Metacello doesNotUnderstand

I then check:

  Metacello  allSelectors select: [:s| s beginsWith: 'onConflict' ]

and only get: onConflict:

Am I using the correct docs?
Can I assume Metacello in the shipped GemStone 3.4 seaside image is

I notice in those docs that: "Currently Pharo-1.3, Pharo-1.4, Pharo-2.0,
and Squeak4.3 are supported."

.... does that mean Gemstone is not?



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